Flying Christmas Trees

The people of Ennis, County Clare, Ireland have a really fun way of recycling their Christmas Trees.  They don’t simply drop them off at a collection site or set them on the curb for pick up.  No, what they do each year, and what they did over the weekend, is have a contest to see who can throw their tree the farthest!

Hundreds of people, including moms, dads, kids, and others took part in the fun which is meant to encourage responsible tree disposal.

Hurling, flinging, flipping, and launching are some of the throwing techniques you will see at the contest.  The winner gets a trophy (and bragging rights) but everyone has a blast!

The Christmas Tree Throwing World Championship took place today in Weidenthal, Germany.  Similar contests are popular in the Scandinavian countries as well.

What a fun way to end their Christmas holiday and start the new year, don’t you think?!  Maybe you can think of some fun ways to dispose of or carefully store away your holiday treasures from now on — no matter what holiday you and your family celebrate!

tree throw

Photo by Eamon Ward

tree throw 2

Photo by Eamon Ward


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