Approximately Two Million People Marched for the Second Time in Trump’s First Year as President.

It is one year after Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States.  For the second time since then, women and men (and girls and boys) marched in the streets in what is called “The Women’s March” to express their disapproval of the Trump Administration and its policies affecting women and girls.

The first Women’s March (in 2017) attracted millions of people around the world and was likely the largest single-day march and demonstration in American history!  Do you know anyone that went to it?  What can they tell you about it?  How did they feel being part of it?

The Women’s March last week, one year after the first, showed that Women’s March demonstrators are still here and still object to the Trump Administration’s policies.  The 2018 march attracted between 1.6 and 2.5 million people!  The Women’s March has become only one way that people who disagree with the President on a variety issues, let him and his Administration know.  It is a way for groups of people who have been treated unequally or unfairly to object to this unfair and unequal treatment.

Marching and demonstrating is a powerful way for our voices to be heard and recognized and is a peaceful way to show how we feel.  Some people hold up signs to be heard, some people chant meaningful words, some people march, and others simply show up to support the cause.

Things to ponder:

  • What are some ways to express your feelings?
  • How can you express yourself when you want others to listen?
  • How can you challenge something that needs to be changed?
  • Why is it important to express your opinion?
  • How can you show you are listening when someone tells you how they feel?
  • How are boys and girls the same?
  • Is it important to treat both girls and boys with respect? Why?
  • How are all people the same?
  • Can you make a sign about something you feel strongly about to express your opinion?

12-Year Old Boy’s Wish Comes True

Mohammed Hussein is standing outside in the cold, staring through the window of a gym in Adiyaman, a city in Turkey.  His family doesn’t have much money and so Mohammed works to help his family earn the money they need.  Swung around his shoulder is a box that he uses when he shines people’s shoes – this is how he earns money for his family.

Mohammed is a Syrian Refugee which means he had to leave his home and his country, Syria, because it is no longer safe to live there.  Mohammed and his family must build a new life, and now they live in Turkey.  Becoming a refugee is not easy but Mohammed and his family are safer now and are working hard to have a better life.

Mohammed is looking through the window of the gym because he is dreaming about one day, being able to have enough money so he can exercise at a gym just like this one.  He wants to be strong and healthy, like the people inside.  But his family has a difficult time paying for food and a place to live, so paying for the gym is not really a possibility for the family.

Then, it happened.  Someone took Mohammed’s picture as he was staring through the window.  The picture tells the story of a boy who dreams of being on the other side of the window.

The person who took Mohammed’s picture posted it on the internet.  Some people saw the picture and then they posted the picture on the internet too.  And then more people saw the picture.  And then those people posted the picture on the internet.  And so on.

Many, many people saw the picture-including the owner of the gym!  When the owner of the gym saw the picture of Mohammed dreaming of being on the other side of the window, he started a search for the boy.  Once people learned of the search, it wasn’t long before someone recognized the boy and spotted him in town, shining shoes, not far from the gym.

The owner got word, found the boy, and explained to him that he saw his picture and he wanted to help make his wish come true.  So, the owner gave Mohammed a lifetime membership to the gym!  Now, he can use the gym whenever he wants – forever!

More people heard about Mohammed and his family trying to make a new life and they have sent gifts to him and his family.

Mohammed is enjoying being on the other side of the window!  So, now you know, when you take notice of the people around you and care enough to pay attention to how they are feeling, you are being kind and could be helping someone more than you ever imagined.  You might even help make someone’s dream come true!

Syrian Refugee (2) - Copy

Did you know:

  • Flying in an airplane from Denver to Turkey would take about fourteen hours.
  • There are thousands of refugees living in Colorado.
  • Many refugees don’t know English because they speak another language.
  • Even if you only speak one language, you can communicate with someone without words!  Smiling is a great way to communicate and showing kindness with your actions is understood by everyone, no matter what language they speak!


A Hero for Peace and Justice: Martin Luther King Jr.

January 15th is Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday and we celebrate his life on the national holiday known as Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Martin Luther King Jr. and his family were forced to live, eat, travel, and work separate and apart from people who had different skin color.  Their opinion didn’t count.  It was not right.  It was not fair.

Martin Luther King Jr. wanted to help ALL of the people who were being mistreated.  He spoke out against hate, racism, and the separation of people based on their skin color (separating people based on skin color is known as “segregation”).

Americans recognize and honor Martin Luther King Jr. because he was KIND and BRAVE and DID NOT GIVE UP.  He dedicated his life to SPEAKING UP for what is RIGHT and GOOD and SPEAKING AGAINST what is WRONG and UNKIND.

He spoke to crowds of people.  He organized numerous peaceful protests, marches, and boycotts.  It was not easy.  It was hard.  But he kept doing it anyway.  He did not give up.

Many people didn’t want to listen to Martin Luther King Jr.  But many other people did.  Many people got mad about what he was saying.  But many other people agreed with him.  Some people resorted to violence to try and silence him.  But Martin Luther King Jr. REFUSED to be bullied, mistreated, and silenced.  He stayed STRONG.  And so did his family and friends and all of the people who agreed with him and believed in his rightful cause.  Those people were brave too and they all stood together.

So many people, of all shapes and sizes and all beautiful colors and shades of black, brown, and white fought for this cause.  It is known as the Civil Rights Movement and is one of the most important movements in American history.

Treating everyone with kindness and respect is not only the right thing to do, but it is something that makes the world a better place.  We make more friends, we learn about new things, we have more fun, and we make others feel good inside which is always a great feeling.  If you ever see someone mistreating another person because of their skin color, what do you think Martin Luther King Jr. would do?  What else do you know about Martin Luther King Jr.?  What do you know about his wife, Coretta Scott King?  Did you know she was a school teacher and an important leader in the Civil Rights Movement?  What can you learn about the King children?  What do you think about the Civil Rights Movement? How is it important today?  Feel free to send us your answers and we will publish them on our blog!

mlk2mlk 7mlk 8mlk 6MLK 3man with girlmlk family


Flying Christmas Trees

The people of Ennis, County Clare, Ireland have a really fun way of recycling their Christmas Trees.  They don’t simply drop them off at a collection site or set them on the curb for pick up.  No, what they do each year, and what they did over the weekend, is have a contest to see who can throw their tree the farthest!

Hundreds of people, including moms, dads, kids, and others took part in the fun which is meant to encourage responsible tree disposal.

Hurling, flinging, flipping, and launching are some of the throwing techniques you will see at the contest.  The winner gets a trophy (and bragging rights) but everyone has a blast!

The Christmas Tree Throwing World Championship took place today in Weidenthal, Germany.  Similar contests are popular in the Scandinavian countries as well.

What a fun way to end their Christmas holiday and start the new year, don’t you think?!  Maybe you can think of some fun ways to dispose of or carefully store away your holiday treasures from now on — no matter what holiday you and your family celebrate!

tree throw

Photo by Eamon Ward

tree throw 2

Photo by Eamon Ward


People Board Plane in 2018 and Land Back in 2017

One of the first flights of 2018 took off from Auckland, New Zealand.  The plane traveled over eight hours and four thousand miles and then landed in Honolulu, Hawaii. What’s so interesting about this particular flight, you ask?  Well, this flight took off at 12:05 a.m. on January 1, 2018 but it landed at 10:15 a.m. on December 31, 2017!  Pretty cool, right?  Here’s why:  If you traveled around the world, you would eventually find yourself in a place where the time is either one day later or one day before.  This place is called the International Dateline.  New Zealand (and some other places) are one day ahead of you. So, when you are playing with friends at school on a Friday, the kids in New Zealand are already home for the weekend! And when you are enjoying a Sunday with friends and family, the kids in New Zealand are playing at recess! How about that?!  Want to learn more about the International Dateline?  You can!  Just conduct your own research at the local library.  Maybe one day YOU will have your own story to tell about time travel!

Mark Your 2018 Calendar!

I don’t know about you, but I did not know about these holidays!  Why not mark them on your calendar and celebrate them with friends and family?  Here they are:

January 20, 2018 – Penguin Awareness Day

This is a great day to learn as much as you can about penguins!  What is their natural habitat?  How do they live in such cold weather?  What are their families like?  Consider visiting the library and reading all about penguins on this day!

February 14, 2018 – Library Lovers Day

This holiday was initially started in Australia.  It’s a holiday we can all celebrate!  Some ways to celebrate might be to visit your library and borrow a book, read a new book, read an old book, set up a book trade with a friend, and thank all of the wonderful people who work in the library with a nice picture or note.  What else can you do to celebrate Library Lovers Day?

March 22, 2018 – International Goof-Off Day

Some of us don’t need a good excuse to be silly and goof-off but for those that do, this is the day!  Take a break and give yourself some extra silly time with friends and family!  Make sure everyone is having fun!  What might you do to celebrate this silly holiday?

April 29, 2018 – National Pet Parents Day

This is a special day set aside for those people who take care of furry friends!  Do you have a pet?  This is your day!  Think about all of the things you do for your furry friends and how much they depend on your loving care.  Celebrate all that you do by giving yourself or a pet parent you know some extra love!

May 5, 2018 – Free Comic Book Day

This is an exciting one for sure.  Apparently, comic book shops give away free comics on this special day to encourage the discovery of new titles!  This is right up our alley…Let’s visit a local comic book shop and see what we can find!

June 16, 2018 – World Juggling Day

I have not mastered this skill but today will be a good day to practice. Grab something safe (bundled up socks or ping pong balls) and see if you can juggle!  Maybe check out some videos of people who are amazing jugglers!

July 17, 2018 – World Emoji Day

People sometimes communicate how they’re feeling with an emoji instead of words.  Can you communicate your feelings with an emoji today?  Draw a face showing how you feel throughout the day and make your own handmade emoji! Show it to your friends and family members.

August 7, 2018 – National Lighthouse Day

Today is a great day to take a trip to a lighthouse!  If you can’t visit in person, you can visit the pages of a lighthouse book!  What are they for?  How are they built?  Why were they so important a long time ago?  How has technology changed over the years?

September 13, 2018 – Positive Thinking Day

We should be practicing this everyday but this is a day to celebrate how important positive thinking is!  Positive thinking can help us feel better and recognize the good stuff we don’t always see.  Only positive thinking today!  Tell your friends and family to celebrate with you and help them see the positive side of everything today!

October 27, 2018 – National Black Cat Day

Black cats sometimes get a bad rap!  Give some extra love to a black cat today! If you’re looking to adopt a cat, adopt a black cat today!

November 15, 2018 – Use Less Stuff Day

I love this one!  Less is more today.  See how you can use less today and still have everything you need.  Some ideas: Less time in the shower, less lights on in the house, less T.V. and video games, and use both sides of your paper!  If the weather permits, take a walk and save some gas in the car!  This is a perfect day to gather up your games and toys you don’t use or need anymore and talk to your parents about donating them to a kid who can really use them.

December 16, 2018 – Chocolate Covered Anything Day

Attention chocolate lovers!  This is one to celebrate for sure!  By all means, dip your fruit, but today try dipping something a little different in chocolate.  Adrian thinks he’ll try tomatoes and granola bars.  Ezra wants chocolate covered popcorn.  What will you try?



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