The New Earth-Friendly LEGO: Made From Sugar


Yes.  It’s true.  The LEGO company is doing something amazing!  The company, headquartered in Billund, Denmark (a twelve hour plane ride from Colorado, USA), is going to begin producing LEGO pieces that are better for nature, the environment, our precious one-and-only planet earth, and as a result, better for all of us.

No, you cannot eat these new LEGO pieces so don’t even think about it.  And yes, they will still hurt your feet if you step on them. Ouch! The best way to avoid that is to clean up when you’re done playing!  I bet you’ve heard that before.

So, how in the world will these LEGO pieces be made from sugar?  Well, sugar comes from sugarcane.  And sugarcane looks like this:


The sugarcane will serve as the base for the plastic that the LEGO pieces will be made of instead of what is being used right now, which is petroleum.   Petroleum looks like this:


Petroleum is not a renewable source like plants are.  The more we can use renewable sources like plants (in this case, sugarcane), the healthier our planet, plants, animals, and people will be!

The first plant-based LEGO pieces to go on sale in stores will be trees, bushes, and leaves that you can use to landscape your LEGO creations!  So, keep your eye out for the new 2018 “sustainable” LEGO boxes out later this year.  Check out the video below for an exciting peek for yourself!

If you want to learn a bit more about renewable sources and how plant-based plastics are made, check this out and do some research at your local library:


Can you find Denmark on a map?  Here’s a view of Denmark, where the LEGO Group is headquartered:



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