The Dinosaur Park Playground Still Stands!

Hello! Adrian (and my mom) here – it’s been a very long time since we posted anything.  It’s great to be back!  Unless you were hiding under a rock, you heard the crazy storm we had tonight.  Well, I went to the source and checked things out for myself  and I’m here to report that while the enormous flash flood took over much of Robert McWilliams park, fondly known by locals as the “Dinosaur Park,” the playground is still standing!  The basketball courts look alright, the field was partly flooded and, as you can see from the pictures, the bridge was almost underwater!  Other kids were there checking things out too.  I’ve climbed trees, played baseball, splashed in the creek with my brother, and enjoyed popsicles with my first grade class all at this very park!  I care about what happens to our land and water and I was happy to see other kids checking things out too.  Getting involved in our community helps us stay informed! Did you go outside during the storm?  What was it like for you?

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