About The Scoop

Have you been craving a regular dose of some “feel good” news?  You are not alone!  So, HERE’S THE DEAL: We will gather some good news stories from our community and beyond for everyone’s reading pleasure and summarize it here.  We’ll also throw in some great quotes every now and then.  To stay up-to-date with The Scoop, just click on “Follow” when you see it pop up!  To read one of the blogs, just click on the blog title and the words will get bigger and that particular blog will fill your computer screen.  If you lose your way and need to get back to our homepage, just click “The Scoop” at the top of any page.  BE ADVISED, THIS BLOG IS BUILT ESPECIALLY FOR KIDS! 

It is our wish that highlighting these good news stories will awaken and activate our individual and collective ability to realize the goodness that abounds, become inspired by others, and encourage thoughtful and meaningful connections with the people around us and the earth that sustains us.  Happy reading!


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