America’s Youth Lead The Way: March For Our Lives 2018

Yesterday, America’s children were the leaders in what has become the most significant youth effort to prioritize safety and end gun violence – ever.  This is no longer a youth protest against violence – it is now a full-fledged youth-led MOVEMENT.  These kids and all of their supporters have not only captured the attention of people in every state in our nation, but all over the world!

On March 24, 2018, America’s children led and participated in a march on our nation’s capital.  These amazing youth were able to organize an absolutely HUMONGOUS effort that included students, teachers, principals, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and more importantly – voters and future voters.

What does it mean to be a voter anyway?  A voter is someone with the legal right to vote.  It is the legal right to participate in the decision about who we pick and choose to become President and Vice President of our country and also who we choose to make the laws in our country.  This is very important because we want to make sure that the people in charge are doing things the right way.  We want to make sure that they care about the right things.  We want to make sure that they are doing what is best for all of us – the people of America – like they are supposed to.  Have you ever had the chance to pick your reading partner?  Or, a teammate at a game of dodge-ball?  Or what about who should be the leader of your grade?  You might look for special qualities and skills, right?  For example, for your reading partner, you might pick someone who is an excellent reader so that they can motivate you to improve your reading.  And for your dodge-ball game, you might pick someone who is really fast or who you know is really great at playing the game.  And for the leader of your grade, you might want someone who is kind.  Someone who listens to everyone.  Someone who cares about everyone.  Someone who is smart and friendly.  Maybe you have a friend in mind.  Or maybe that person is you!

So, why did they organize this march and how did they accomplish something SOOOOO BIG?  They organized the march because they have had ENOUGH.  They say “NO MORE GUN VIOLENCE!”  And they want the people who are making it easy for violence to keep happening to hear what they want and that they want it to stop.

Even though organizing such a big event was hard to do, they did it.  They helped each other, they chose their own best leaders, they knew what they wanted to say and they said it loud and clear.  They were nice, but they were firm.  They did not let fear of failing or fear of speaking out, stop them.

Do you know anyone who went to the march?  What did they say about it?  What did it feel like to be a part of something so big and important?  How do you show your support when you believe in something?  How do you show your objection when you disagree?  What are some ways to share how you feel and how can you make sure people will listen?  Send us your answers and we will publish them on our blog!

What amazing thing will you do today?



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